The essence of your onenineone dining experience

“You, as a food buyer, have the distinct privilege of proactively participating in shaping the world your children will inherit”. –  Joel Salatin.

The essence of onenineones unique dining experience is derived from the chef’s life-long passion for discovering and sharing the magic of food. The team is driven by their responsibility to prepare and serve food that future generations will be able to still enjoy long after their existence.

To support local produce by creating dishes around a seasonal offering is a top priority. This explains you why leave the restaurant content, cherishing a true South African dining experience that will make you want to return time and again.

“Every detail on your plate is carefully placed to serve as a distinct, contributing flavor that complete the dish, leaving you anxious to take another bite.”

oneNINEone Food

Thoughtful Food

At onenineone every dish is created with the intention to delight diners who are conscious of quality and who pay a great deal of attention to what they eat. Thoughtful food for thoughtful people.

Thoughtful food is a triumph of collaboration between responsible growers, the finest seasonal and sustainable ingredients and inspired chefs who care about delivering the ultimate dining experience.

Proudly South African

Our menu is a showcase of local produce and the natural ingredients we have at our disposal. From the lamb to the small mustard seed we put before you, we know the person who tends to it and grows it’.

onenineone is a proudly South African restaurant, and the menu is inspired largely by local ingredients and traditions.. Each dish tells a story that is a blend of international trends and South African food culture.

Our Passion

‘One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well’. – Virginia Woolf

The skilful onenineone team are passionate about serving delicious meals that take the diner on a journey of discovery in thoughtfulness.

At the foundation of the philosophy is the need to look at food in a caring way. Whilst never compromising on quality and flavour, he seeks inventive ways to create dishes that are derived from local, sustainably produced ingredients.

Every dining experience at onenineone is designed to be a celebration of flavour put together with invention and flair. Our guests are treated to dishes that are lovingly prepared, perfectly plated and expertly served.

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